Seppeltsfield Winery , Barossa Valley, SA

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Wine Region Barossa Valley
Address PMB 1, Seppeltsfield, via Nuriootpa, SA, 5355, Australia
Phone (08) 8568 6200
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About Seppeltsfield Winery

In 2007 Seppeltsfield was purchased by The Seppeltsfield Estate Trust which includes shareholders from Kilikanoon winery. James Godfery is the specialist fortified winemaker, a deeply skilled practitioner of fortified winemaking – Seppeltsfield fo...

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In 2007 Seppeltsfield was purchased by The Seppeltsfield Estate Trust which includes shareholders from Kilikanoon winery. James Godfery is the specialist fortified winemaker, a deeply skilled practitioner of fortified winemaking – Seppeltsfield fortified wine stocks date back to 1878, one of the most extensive collections of vintage wine in the world.

Seppeltsfield Location

Located in the historical hamlet of Seppeltsfield in the Barossa Valley, Seppeltsfield Winery is distinguished by its Palm Avenue – a tribute from Depression era employees who planted the roadways of Seppeltsfield with over 2000 date palm trees. The winery itself is a heritage building and the vineyard comprises approximately 100 hectares.

Seppeltsfield Wine Styles

Seppeltsfield produces a range of fortified wines under its own label, dense, sticky, unctuous wines of incredible complexity and richness. These are landmark wines, uniquely Australian and internationally remarkable for their style.

Seppeltsfield Brands

Seppeltsfield, the wine brand is reserved only for the fortified wines.

Seppeltsfield Winery

Seppeltsfield has a gravity fed winery and a modern winery. The gravity fed winery was designed and built by Benno Seppelt in the 1890s and utilises aspects of the Portuguese solera system to channel and move wines. The modern winery, is a state of the art crushing and fermenting winery used for processing commercial quantities of fruit.

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2010 Glenpara Elm Walk Eden Valley Riesling

The Eden Valley is home to not only great Australian Riesling but also some of the world’s best. This is a very elegant style showing the floral be...

Winery: Seppeltsfield | Region: Barossa Valley| Cracka Rating: 3.5/5

NV Seppeltsfield Cellar 7 Tawny

Colour: Deep golden tawny with slight red hues. Nose: Fresh clean and spicy fruit with integrated vanillin oak and rancio derived from the oak mat...

2001 Seppeltsfield Show Vintage Shiraz

Colour: Deep crimson, brick red. Nose: Intense berry licorice fruit, spice and marzipan. Integrated spirit combining with the fruit to increase th...

NV Seppeltsfield Rare Tokay

Colour: Deep tawny in colour, with an olive green tint. Nose: The extremely complex nose is the essence of aged Tokay. Toffee and caramel fruit a...

1909 Seppeltsfield 100 Year Old Tawny

Colour: Dense impenetrable olive brown with distinctive green edge. Nose: Initial lift of alcohol followed by burnt toffee, raisin fruit cake and ...

1988 Seppeltsfield Para Vintage Tawny

Colour: Medium deep tawny with obvious yellow green edges. Nose: Very vibrant and fresh with lifted wood aged characters. Shows clean vanillin oak...

2006 Glenpara Head Office Shiraz

Intensely focussed and expressive, the nose exhibits the classic Barossa Shiraz characters of chocolate, dark fruit compote with ripe plums and sup...

Seppeltsfield Wine Labels
Glenpara Dining Hall Chardonnay Glenpara Dining Hall Shiraz Glenpara Elm Walk Eden Valley Riesling Glenpara Elm Walk Late Harvest Semillon Riesling Glenpara Gert's Blend Sparkling Shiraz Glenpara Grenache Shiraz Mataro Glenpara Head Office Shiraz Glenpara Lost Garden Grenache Rose Glenpara Pump House Shiraz Seppeltsfield Vintage Shiraz Seppeltsfield 'Flora' DP117 Palomino Pale Dry Fino Seppeltsfield 100 Year Old Para Liqueur Seppeltsfield 100 Year Old Para Liqueur 1912 Seppeltsfield 100 Year Old Tawny Seppeltsfield Aged Flor Solero DP116 Seppeltsfield Barossa Lagrein Seppeltsfield Barossa Shiraz Seppeltsfield Cellar 6 Tokay Seppeltsfield Cellar 7 Tawny Seppeltsfield Cellar 8 Muscat Seppeltsfield DP90 Rare Tawny Seppeltsfield Eden Valley Late Harvest Riesling Seppeltsfield Eden Valley Riesling Seppeltsfield Estate Grenache Rose Seppeltsfield Estate Rose Seppeltsfield Fino DP117 Seppeltsfield GST Grenache Shiraz Touriga Seppeltsfield Glenpara Elm Walk Riesling Seppeltsfield Glenpara Lost Garden Rose Seppeltsfield Grand Para Seppeltsfield Grand Rutherglen DP57 Tokay Solero Seppeltsfield Grand Rutherglen Muscat Seppeltsfield Grand Rutherglen Tokay Seppeltsfield Grand Tokay Seppeltsfield Grenache Shiraz Touriga Seppeltsfield Lagrein Seppeltsfield Oloroso Sherry DP118 Seppeltsfield Para Liqueur 1981 Seppeltsfield Para Liqueur Tawny Seppeltsfield Para Liqueur Tawny 375mL Dessert Wine Seppeltsfield Para Rare Vintage Tawny 375mL Seppeltsfield Para Vintage Tawny Seppeltsfield Paramount Collection XO Muscat Seppeltsfield Paramount Collection XO Tawny Seppeltsfield Paramount Collection XO Tokay Seppeltsfield Paramount Muscat 500 ml Seppeltsfield Paramount Tawny 500 ml Seppeltsfield Paramount Tokay 500 ml Seppeltsfield Rare Muscat Seppeltsfield Rare Rutherglen Tokay Seppeltsfield Rare Tawny DP90 Seppeltsfield Rare Tokay Seppeltsfield Rich Rare Venerable Solero DP38 Seppeltsfield Riesling Seppeltsfield Ruby Lightly Fortified Grenache Seppeltsfield Rutherglen Tokay DP37 Seppeltsfield SGC Shiraz Grenache Carignan Seppeltsfield Selma Melitta Rare Luscious Seppeltsfield Shiraz Grenache Carignan Seppeltsfield Show Vintage Shiraz Seppeltsfield Show Vintage Touriga Seppeltsfield Uber Shiraz Seppeltsfield VP Shiraz Touriga Seppeltsfield Vera Viola Oloroso Seppeltsfield Vintage Port Seppeltsfield XO Paramount Amontillado 500 ml Seppeltsfield XO Paramount Oloroso 500 ml Seppeltsfield †ber Barossa Shiraz