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2011 Joel Gott Zinfandel

Zinny is yet to catch on in a big way here in Oz, but lovers of full-bodied, sweetly-fruited wines should give it a go. This offering from the US o...

Winery: Joel Gott Wines | Region: USA| Cracka Rating: 4.0/5
RRP: $23.00 | OUR PRICE : $18.99

2008 Mandalay Estate Mandalay Road Geographe Zinfandel

Luscious. That's the best way to describe this Zinfandel, a massive berry pie of a wine draped in so much luxurious fruit that you could almost swi...

Winery: Mandalay Estate | Region: Geographe| Cracka Rating: 4.0/5
RRP: $25.00 | OUR PRICE : $19.99

2011 Cape Mentelle Zinfandel

Cape Mentelle took the zinfandel bull by the horns over a deacde ago, and they are still one of the leaders of the Australian style. It's a full-bo...

Winery: Cape Mentelle | Region: Margaret River| Cracka Rating: 4.5/5
RRP: $57.00 | OUR PRICE : $44.50

2010 Dry Creek Heritage Zinfandel

The saying goes that Australia got shiraz, and the USA got zinfandel, and boy have they made a go of it! This is a full-bodied, sweetly-fruited win...

Winery: Dry Creek Vineyard | Region: USA| Cracka Rating: 4.0/5
RRP: $37.99 | OUR PRICE : $29.99

2010 Zinful Zinfandel

What else would Zinful make but Zinfandel. They have put all their eggs in one basket with this grape variety that has cult status in the USA, but ...

Winery: Zinful | Region: Margaret River| Cracka Rating: 4.0/5
RRP: $42.00 | OUR PRICE : $34.99

2007 Cape Mentelle Zinfandel

APPEARANCE: Deep crimson with red tints. NOSE: Ripe blackberry, fresh prunes, chocolate, cinnamon and fruit cake. PALATE: Layers of juicy plums a...

2009 Hentley Farm Zinfandel

If you haven’t tried a Zinfandel, this is a great introduction to the grape. ‘Zin’ thrives under the Californian sun, and this wine shows that it...

Winery: Hentley Farm | Region: Barossa Valley| Cracka Rating: 4.0/5
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