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Balmain Brewing Company Pale Ale (24x330ml)

Producer: Balmain Brewing Company Winery Type: Beer Varietal: Beer Region: NSW Other, NSW

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Our Price: $59.99 /Bottle
Sold in cases of 1x750ml
Case Price: $59.99
Who else would like 24 bottles of delicious craft beer? I think the Cracka crew would, which is why this tasty Pale Ale has a proud place in the Cracka fridge. Textural, spicy and aromatic it is a cracking example of a floral, 'American pale ale' style. Want. Know.
Cracka Rating
The Balmain Pale Ale was launched in May 2010 in celebration of tradition, mates and pub culture.
A distinctive full flavoured english-style Ale, the Balmain Pale Ale displays a rich malt character upfront which is derived from a blend of two base and three speciality malts, used in conjunction the result is a beautiful golden copper colour with hints of sweet caramel on the palate.

Malt is balanced with a mix of 3 complementary hop varieties that give an assertive yet clean bitterness, along with an aroma providing hints of citrus hue and mild spice notes.

The Balmain Pale Ale is all natural and unfiltered, and at 4.9% abv, it is perfect to enjoy on it's own or paired with your favourite local dish.

Balmain Pale Ale is best enjoyed at 6-8 degrees to bring out the complexity and balance. It has been designed for the drinking pleasure and enjoyment of beer drinkers and critics alike.

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