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2009 Tahbilk Chardonnay

Producer: Tahbilk Winery Type: White Varietal: Chardonnay Region: Goulburn Valley, VIC

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2011 Tahbilk Chardonnay

Our Price: $18.99 /Bottle
Sold in cases of 12x750ml
Case Price: $227.88
Tahbilk have managed to survive for over 150 years making wine and must surely rate as one of Australia’s most recognisable brands. Their Chardonnay is for those with patience, held back a year where it chills out on lavish oak and then gets bottled for your delight. It’s a vital mix of melon and peach with a background of citrus and grapefruit all underpinned by the spicy vanillin character that the oak imparts. It’s a dead set winner with a warm chicken salad.
Cracka Rating
There is a reason our Chardonnay releases lag a vintage behind all other whites and that reason is wood. Oak to be specific – French & American. Tahbilk Chardonnay spends 12 months sitting quietly in small oak barrels drawing in the cinnamon/spice (French) and vanillin (American) characters that then work with the melon, peach grapefruit & pineapple varietal fruits to deliver a total package. We believe it’s worth the wait and trust you will agree!
Best Drinking:
Australian Wine Companion 2012

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