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2007 Elmslie Ice Wine Riesling (375ml)

12 x 375ml Bottles
Cracka Review
Iced Riesling - now there is a rare wine. In fact there is the barest handful of iced anything in Australia, which makes this Elmslie even more more special. The challenge with iced wines is that our climate isn't quite right for the production of this most unusual wine style, and to try and duplicate the results by artificial means is problematic. Regardless, the few that are made are generally rather nice drinks. Luscious, rich and concentrated wines of serious, super sweetness yet also acidity. In this case that means a reasonably delicate wine, a wine that has sweetness yet also a serious citrus length that marks it as a rather refreshing drink. A dessert wine to have when you're tired of dessert wines (if you will).
Cracka Wine Rating
Winemaker's Note
Elmslie 2007 Iced Riesling has brilliant clarity with a tinge of pale yellow adding depth and liveliness. This wine offers a full palate with a bouquet of rich sultana and botrytis, wonderfully balanced with a delicate citrus acid resulting in good length and harmony.