A relative of cabernet sauvignon with lower acidity and tannin, cabernet franc plays an important part in many Bordeaux blends alongside merlot. It also takes a feature role in the wines of St-Emilion on the...

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Cabernet sauvignon is celebrated as the finest grape variety in the world. It is an important variety on the international stage and renowned for magnificent, long lived wines from the French region of Borde...

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While durif originated in France, it is most widely grown in California, Israel and warm inland areas of Australia, particularly the north eastern Victorian region of Rutherglen. Durif is a cross of shiraz a...

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More details on this varietal coming soon.

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Grenache is planted extensively around the world. The variety is native to Spain where it performs particularly well in Rioja and Priorat. It is grown throughout southern France and plays an important role i...

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The mourvedre grape variety is native to Spain where it is known as monastrell. It is also common in the southern French regions of Rhone Valley, Provence and Bandol as well as California in the USA. Referre...

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