Early chardonnay vineyards originate in the French regions of Burgundy and Champagne. First arriving on Australian shores with the James Busby collection in 1832, it is now the most widely planted white grap...

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Chenin blanc is native to the Loire Valley in France, where it produces the famous wines of Vouvray. It is also widely planted in South Africa, where it is known as Steen. The grape has found a home particul...

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Gewürztraminer is a wonderfully distinctive aromatic variety grown largely in the French region of Alsace and Germany. Serious cool climate styles from Australia have a strong following and are capable of ag...

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This pink skinned variety is a mutation of pinot noir that is famously grown in the French region of Alsace and northern Italian district of Friuli. It is grown throughout New Zealand and Australia, with par...

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This noble grape variety produces some of the greatest wines in the world. Originating in the Rhine area of Germany, the most renowned examples spring from the Rheingau, Mosel and French region of Alsace. Ri...

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