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Australia produces some amazing wines.

It’s estimated that the major supermarkets sell 9 out of every 12 bottles made


Many of these are private labels or fake brands invented by the supermarkets

At a time when the supermarkets are generating record profits, Less than 15% of grape growers operate profitably


I started Cracka with the mission to try and help small, medium and family owned wineries by building an alternative route to market


My vision was to create an independent marketplace where wine lovers could:

  1. Discover great wines simply not available in their local bottle shop
  2. Save money by avoiding middlemen and supermarkets
  3. Keep it real buying real wines made by real wineries with real stories

In 2010 we launched with just a handful of wineries


Since then we’ve grown a bit and have presented over 1,000 brands to an audience of over 1,000,000 visitors a year!

From an original staff of 3 people we now employ 40 people

More importantly, we’ve helped many small family owned wineries from going under, protecting hundreds if not thousands of Australian jobs

However, there’s still so much more that we could do

So far, we’ve only helped wineries reach 10 million Australian wine lovers.

However, we believe that our model has even greater potential in other markets, especially ASIA where demand for premium wine is soaring amongst a population of over 4 billion


Traditionally the high costs of wholesaling, distribution agents and logistics make it prohibitive for small and medium sized wineries to enter other regions

Our model removes those barriers and goes one step further by providing them access to a powerful sales channel

To hear more about Cracka and its journey, check out the Sky News video here

pocket-icon So we’re planning on raising

AUD$5 million

to help spread our wings, taking advantage of new crowd-sourced funding (CSF) legislation that will allow everyday Australians to invest up to $10,000 in start-ups like Cracka

The new legislation is schedule to commence on 29 September 2017. Cracka hopes to be among the first companies in Australia to raise funding in this way

So how can you participate?

Cracka intends to make a CSF offer in accordance with the legislation, and will release a CSF offer document later in the year. Before deciding whether to make an application to participate in the CSF offer, you should review and consider the CSF offer document carefully (including the general risk warning that will be set out in the CSF offer document).

If you would like to receive updates in relation to Cracka’s proposed CSF offer, you’ll need to be an Active Cracka Customer who’s made at least one purchase in the 3-month period leading up to 30 September 2017.

If you haven’t bought recently and are keen to invest in Cracka as we gear up to take the business global, then I suggest you start stocking your cellar! Priority will be given to our most active customers.


As a Cracka Shareholder, you’ll also be entitled to additional benefits, discounts and special offers, including invitations to money can’t buy dining experiences with our winery partners (There will be more about this in the CSF offer document).

If you're not an existing Cracka member, register today and we'll give you $25 to put towards your first purchase.
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We look forward to inviting you to join us on this next phase of our journey, helping us to take Cracka and all the amazing wineries we represent to the world.

Dean Taylor, CEO

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Crowd Sourced Funding ?

Crowd sourced finding is a new type of funding arrangement approved by the Australian Government that allows smaller businesses restricted or limited access public funding without going through the typical prospectus and other funding rules. The new funding regime kicks off from 29 September 2017 and Cracka is looking to be the first company to take advantage of the new rules.

What are the restricted or limited access rules ?

The new rules relate primarily to the size of the company that can undertake the funding as the new rules are targeted at getting smaller companies access to new funding. There are also rules relating to how much each investor can contribute ($10,000) as well as how much the company can raise in a twelve month period ($5m). Companies will also need to be Unlisted Public Companies rather than Pty Limited companies and comply with most of the Corporations Law Public Company financial reporting and meeting requirements.

How will Crowd Sourced Funding work ?

Funding will need to be raised through a registered funding platform provider who will co-ordinate and monitor the funding process on behalf of the fundraiser. Each fundraiser will need to prepare a fundraising document, not too dissimilar to a prospectus but likely much shorter to allow for the smaller size of the fundraising companies (the regulations relating to the content of this document are yet to be released by ASIC).

Will there be an Offer Document ?

We expect to release an Information or Offer Document as part of the fundraising documents related to the CSF offer once it is open. At this stage ASIC has not detailed what level of information needs to be included within this offer document.

When will the offer open ?

The new CSF legislation comes into effect from 29 September 2017. We plan to release a memo to all active customers closer to that date advising them all the key dates and details.

Will Cracka be listed on the ASX ?

No, this offer is not a full public listing.

Who can invest ?

Subject to the regulatory framework, our intention is to make the CSF offer open to all Active Customers who have made at least one purchase in the 3-month period leading up to 30 September 2017.

How much can I invest ?

Under the CSF rules, the most a retail investor can contribute to each CSF offer within a twelve-month period is $10,000. Those who qualify as sophisticated investors are allowed to contribute more. Subject to the regulatory framework, our intention is to make the offer open to as many Active Customers as possible so maximum share allocations may be scaled back during the CSF offer process.

What other benefits will be available to shareholders ?

Benefits, discounts and special offers for shareholders will be confirmed within the CSF offer documents once we have confirmed what's allowable with the regulatory framework.