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2010 Eric Bordelet Poire Granit Pear Cider

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Cider made from pears is technically called 'perry', and this one is a renown European perry made from fruit off 300-year old trees. It shows not only pear characters, but also some almost tropical notes along with a touch of chopped herbs. The palate is medium-sweet with a fine spritz, but it is balanced up with some nice acidity, so it finishes nice and crisp. There is also an appealing talcy tannin mouthfeel that makes this well above average.

Winemaker's Notes

Eric Bordelet approaches Cider-making with the same intensity as a passionate Oenologist brings to Winemaking. Bordelet worked as Sommelier in the leading 3 star Parisian restaurant, ‘Arpege’ where he became deeply familiar with the top winemakers and wineries of France. In 1992 he took over the tiny patch of family farmed orchards in Charchigne´, in the heart of Normandy’s premium Cider pro- ducing area. Since then he has set about rescuing the ancient ‘heirloom’ varieties of pears and apples that produce tiny quantities and amazing flavour.

The fruit is dry-farmed, as Bordelet prefers to work with tiny very flavor-some apples and pears. "The fruit we work with looks quite different from what you'll find in the grocery store." says Eric. "I know what each apple variety brings to the cider," he says, explaining that some Ciders can have about 20 different varieties used. “... I use about 40% of sweet apples, 40% sour apples and 20% of acidic apples to get the right balance."

His ciders are deliberately made in a very gently sparkling “petillant” style and do not have the same level of effervescence as many other ciders. This is a conscious decision on Bordelet's part. "I want it this way because it shows off the fruit character better."

The nose expresses stony notes (chalk, flint), fresh herbs and mint, joined by notes of pear, quince, pine apple and caramel. The palate offers acidulated apple flavours.

Produced from pear trees estimated to be about 300 years old. Poiré Granit has 75-80 grams of sugar per liter, yet it doesn’t taste particularly sweet. This is due to the tannin and acidity, which Bordelet says is twice as high as the apple! Stunning as aperitif or with cheese or desserts. With just 3% alc/vol this can be enjoyed any time. Cider simply doesn’t get better than this!!

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