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2013 Rare Penny Sauvignon Blanc

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Cracka Review

A super refreshing Sauvignon Blanc with passionfruit dominating the profile. A very easy to drink drop to keep in the fridge for guests or to enjoy with dinner.

Winemaker's Notes

The 1930 Penny is the most famous and rare edition of all Australian coins. Very few of these heritage items were ever made making the coin itself a true Australian treasure and a rare find. During the 1950’s and 60’s when pennies were still in circulation, children would often be seen huddling amongst themselves in the schoolyard, sifting through their lunch money hoping to turn up the rare copper coin.

The search for the exclusive 1930 Penny continues today and remains the most sought after Australian coin icon.

Colour: Pale, almost water-white, with green tinted hues

Bouquet: Delicate and grassy, with soft hints of tropical fruits and fresh herbs

Palate: A clean crisp palate, delicate passionfruit with hints of citrus and a grassy finish

Cellaring: Optimum enjoyment from now till three years from vintage

Food match: Ideal with seafood, modern Asian and white meat dishes

Alc/vol: 13.0%

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