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2014 Villa Calappiano Sangiovese Toscano

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Ah Tuscany - the land of wild olive trees, hilltop towns and vine dotted landscapes as far as the eye can see. Beautiful!

Tuscany is also the home of Sangiovese, with Chianti and Brunello the spiritual home(s) of all things Sangio. The good thing about Tuscan Sangiovese is that it is delicious. The only problem is that due to exchange rates and all our taxes and such, proper Tuscan Sangio is not cheap. No siree.

However, this offering from Villa Calappiano is a bangin' Tuscan Sangiovese for an altogether crazy price. Sourced from a vineyard first planted back in the 1500s, and made by the Sensi family who have extensive Tuscan vineyards with a big focus on Chianti, this is classic Sangio, now at a bloody fantastic price!

Winemaker's Notes

The Fattoria di Calappiano of His Imperial Majesty represents one of the last historic architectural treasures of Florence’s Medici Family. Today, the Calappiano Estate consists of approximately 200 hectares of vineyards, olive-groves and woods and is a conservation area for the reproduction of local fauna.

Great little Sangiovese to enjoy - light yet smooth with no bitter taste and perfect for any mid-week pasta dish or easily enjoyed with friends on the weekend.

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