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2015 Berrigan Limestone Coast Sauvignon Blanc

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Cracka Review

“Everything you see in this wine is true to the Sauvignon Blanc grape variety, and is exactly what I look for when I’m out in the vineyard tasting the grapes before harvest. A balance between grassy herbaceous and tropical fruit and passionfruit flavours is what I have chosen to present as it brings an extra level of interest and complexity to the wine, while improving the wine’s ability to match with a wider variety of foods and situations.” Dan Berrigan, Winemaker.

Winemaker's Notes

Introducing one of the best kept secrets in Australian wine, the Berrigan Wines Sauvignon Blanc from Mount Benson, South Australia.

Sauvignon Blanc as a grape variety is known throughout the world for its distinctive aromas, fresh flavours and crisp acidity, and ours is one of the best examples in Australia. It’s extroverted character jumps out of the glass every time take you take a look, never shying away from introducing itself, and why would it?

“When you taste this wine, you will also notice the wonderful balance that it holds. This balance is normally very hard to achieve, but in our wines it’s all natural, thanks to the slow ripening here in Mount Benson which allows the retention of natural organic acids in our grapes leading up to harvest. I then stopped the fermentation just prior to complete dryness in order to balance these organic acids with the wine’s unfermented sugar, and while the wine is still considered dry (2 g/L), a very small amount of residual sugar prevents a dry finish and makes this wine so much more enjoyable.” Dan Berrigan, Winemaker

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