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2015 Innocent Bystander Moscato 750mL

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Cracka Review

Coming in a funky looking bottle, this is a fun and fruity Moscato that is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Smells of musk florals, grapes (what else, right!), red berries and subtle honey waft out of the glass, then the light-bodied palate chimes in with a hit of sweetness, then tastes of strawberries and delicate citrus, a subtle bubble, and a light, sweet, totally smashable finish. It's only 5.5% alcohol, and will be the life of the party.

Winemaker's Notes

The key to our Moscato, as with all our wines, is careful site selection, dedicated grower partners and careful low input winemaking focused upon making the very best wine possible, regardless of cost. Our Moscato is traditionally made from 100% old vine Muscat varieties (Gordo) and Black Muscat (Muscat of Hamburg) sourced exclusively from established growers in Northern Victoria's Swan Hill area. We pick early to arrive naturally at our target alcohol, sugar and acid levels, while achieving full fruit flavour.

Fantastic weather in spring, and good flowering lead into a warm, dry ripening period that was ideal for muscat grapes. The good weather concentrated the fruit flavour, with excellent sugar levels. Irrigation was used sparingly to take the edge off peak summer temperatures. We found the perfume and flavour in the black muscat particularly intense in the 2015 fruit.

Fruit is harvested at night and given around six hours skin contact to develop hints of pink from the Black Muscat. The juice is then fermented slowly (cold) and under pressure until full natural carbonation is achieved. If we are on track, this brings us to 5.5% ABV, approximately 100 grams sugar and 0.55% (weight) CO2; which requires some pretty specific fermenting vessels, a wing and a prayer. But we have practice.

Cellaring: 10 minutes on ice

Alc/vol: 5.5%

expert reviews about

2015 Innocent Bystander Moscato 750mL

Expert Reviews

Peter Forrestal (2013 Vintage) says
"There are a great number of Australian moscatos on the market at present as their sweetness seduces the masses. Few are as well made or as stylishly presented as the Innocent Bystander, bright and pink in its clear half bottle with a crown seal. The Innocent Bystander has some zippy acidity and so its finish tastes fresher, more vibrant, cleaner and crisper than other moscatos".
Peter Forrestal, Gourmet Traveller Wine.
Ben Thomas (2013 Vintage) says
"This is the 10th vintage of the wine that launched a thousand moscato ships. Since first released in 2004, it has been bottled, kegged, canned and, most recently, frozen and poured as a slushie. Its vibrant pink comes from the skins of black muscat grapes. This year’s release has a star anise character to the rosewater, watermelon, cherry and strawberry flavours. A zesty tang adds freshness. Bubbles put a smile on your face. Easy drinking, with a serious side".
Ben Thomas, The Weekly Review.

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