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2016 Seppelt Drumborg Riesling


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$215.93 (6 x 750ml)

expert reviews

James Halliday (2015 Vintage) says
Captures you by stealth; the bouquet is reticent, the fore-palate following suit for a split second before expanding dramatically on the way through to the back-palate, where a whirlpool of flavours explodes, the intensity of the lime juice and acidity almost shocking.
Jeremy Oliver (2013 Vintage) says
Very fine, elegant and tightly focused, with a scent of white flowers, sliced apple and lime juice backed by nuances of fresh pear, chalk and mineral. It?s long and limey, with a pure, crystalline expression of crunchy citrus and apple-like fruit extending long towards a savoury finish of lemony acids underpinned by a lick of wet slate.
The Australian Wine Annual 2014 Edition
Jeremy Oliver (2012 Vintage) says
The Australian Wine Annual 2014 Edition
James Halliday (2010 Vintage) says
Vibrant pale green; the bouquet at an early stage shows mineral complexity, offset by citrus blossom and some reductive notes; the palate reveals a wine built for the long haul, with laser-like acidity, and extraordinarily tightly wound fruit that will go the distance of the structure. Will surely reward cellaring.
Australian Wine Companion 2012 2011
Jeremy Oliver (2010 Vintage) says
Taking its first baby steps, this remarkable wine will develop into a more pungent, mineral riesling of texture and sensuality. Its heady but delicate, perfume of rose petals and lavender reveals earthy, mineral undertones, while its long, austere palate is an exercise in length and steety focus. Pristine, fresh citrus fruit and minerals overlie a powdery texture, finishing with crunchy acids and a lingering note of lemon sherbet.
The Australian Wine Annual 2012
Nick Stock (2010 Vintage) says
I may be heading into the realm of riesling geek, but this has goosebump-level excitement. Very few Australian rieslings can get this level of ripeness and deliver such composure - it's a double act usually reserved for northern hemisphere. Scintillating mineral spark on the nose, smells of lemon sorbet, some nectarine and citrus also in the mix, as well as crushed minerals. The palate packs a wealth of flavour and quite sturdy texture, as well as bracing, tingly acid, more in the citrus and mineral spectrum. A high-tensile structure and a long, crisp, driving finish.
The Good Wine Guide 2012
James Halliday (2009 Vintage) says
The track record of this wine leaves no doubt it will develop slowly but superbly; it is perfectly balanced and has extreme length, with lime and apple flavours building to a crescendo on the finish.
Australian Wine Companion 2011 2010
Nick Stock (2008 Vintage) says
Super-restrained, savoury mineral aromas with very gentle lime blossom and hints of melon too. The palate's a finely etched, delicately flavoured and finely structured affair with steely mineral acidity and a fine, dry green apple finish. Elegance is the key to this wine - deceptive length here too. Will cellar for a long time.
The Penguin Good Australian Wine Guide 2010 2009
Jeremy Oliver (2008 Vintage) says
A pristine expression of what this vineyard delivers, out rather more open and juicy than previous vintages. Its; intense lime juice aromas are backed by heady, musky scents of white flowers, talcum powder and nuances of wet slate. Its succulent presence of citrus and pear flavour! is supported by a fine chalkiness and mineral notes, finishing long and tangy with a lingering slatey note.
Australian Wine Annual 2010 2009
James Halliday (2008 Vintage) says
Absolutely locked up, with little fruit aroma or flavour escaping the net, just crisp acidity on a long finish. The track record of this wine guarantees it will flower with time, but how brilliandy is hard to tell
Australian Wine Companion 2010 2009
James Halliday (2007 Vintage) says
An aromatic floral blossom bouquet leads into a beautiful palate, with fine lime, lemon and passionfruit flavours, tied off by perfect acidity.
Australian Wine Companion 2009 2008
Jeremy Oliver (2007 Vintage) says
Simply a brilliant combination of intense, highly perfumed lime, apple and pear-like fruit with a classically chalky undercarriage of schisty phenolics which is tightly bound by a bracing cut of steely acids. Scented with blossom and minerals, it's long and concentrated, finishing with balance, focus and great persistence. Modern riesling as it should be!
Australian Wine Annual 2009 2008
James Halliday (2006 Vintage) says
Considerable weight and structural intensity; builds lime, passionfruit and apple flavours throughout, the finish particularly powerful. Great pedigree.
Australian Wine Companion 2008 2007
Ken Gargett (2006 Vintage) says
The south-west corner of Victoria is proving a bit special for riesling. We have the fantastic wines from Crawford River (well, we would have done if the new releases had arrived in time for tasting) and also Seppelt's Drumborg vineyard. Clare might not be quivering in its boots but it is certainly looking over its shoulder. Classic, intense lime flavours. Under screwcap, good riesling shows how well it can age—which, in this case, will be very well.
Don't Buy Wine Without Me 2008 2007
Jeremy Oliver (2006 Vintage) says
Slightly awkward and gangly In its youth, this tightly defined, long and schisty young riesling will settle down into a wine of superb definition and focus. Its lightly spicy and musky aromas of apple and pear, lemon and lime reveal undertones of minerals and lanolin .Long, dry and succulent, its juicy palate of pristine fruit is punctuated by a cut of crunchy acids that will help to ensure its considerable cellaring potential.
Australian Wine Annual 2008 2007
James Halliday (2005 Vintage) says
Very pale straw-green; a wonderfully delicate, pure, flowery bouquet, followed by an intense, yet feather-light, array of bright and crisp flavours.
Australian Wine Companion 2007 2006
Jeremy Oliver (2005 Vintage) says
A very taut, fine and minerally riesling with a deep citrusy, perfume and a powerfully concentrated palate. Scented with green apples, lime and minerals, remarkably long and vibrant palate marries pristine, crystalline fruit with chalky phenolics and steely, schisty acids. Needing time to show its best It's like a tightly coiled spring, waiting to explode.
Australian Wine Annual 2007 2006
James Halliday (2004 Vintage) says
Intense, fragrant and flowery aromas announce a brilliantly poised and focused wine with long citrus and mineral flavours. Shines like a diamond. Exceptional value.
Australian Wine Companion 2006 2005
Jeremy Oliver (2004 Vintage) says
A floral aroma of stone fruit, lime and lemon blossom overlies nuances of wet slate, while the long, sculpted and powdery palate delivers penetrative lime juice and lemon rind flavours before an austere finish of steely acidity. A wonderful wine, with a suggestion of the best from modern Austria.
Australian Wine Annual 2006 2005
Jeremy Oliver (2003 Vintage) says
Its delicate, Germanic perfume of citrus and deciduous fruit aromas and herbal undertones precedes an almost bracing, tightly focused and penetrative palate of lemon meringue and stone-fruits. Long, stylish and drier than most previous vintages, it finishes with refreshing acidity.
Australian Wine Annual 2005 2004
James Halliday (2003 Vintage) says
The intensely fragrant bouquet is at once steely yet flowery; the fine lime and mineral flavours build progressively through a gloriously long palate.
Australian Wine Companion 2005 2004
James Halliday (2000 Vintage) says
Light straw-green; a crisp bouquet with freshly cut green apple and floral notes is followed by a palate with pronounced apple and underlying citrus, with a vaguely musky overtone. An unusual wine for the vineyard, but certainly has character, the finish dry.
Australian Wine Companion 2003 2002
James Halliday (1999 Vintage) says
Light green-yellow; a classic and intense mix of lime, passionfruit, mineral and toast on the bouquet is followed by a tight, beautifully modulated palate with exceptional length. Has been a prolific trophy winner already; perhaps closing down as it enters the transition phase, and all it needs is time in bottle.
Australian Wine Companion 2003 2002
James Halliday (1998 Vintage) says
Light green-yellow; a fragrant bouquet with a very distinctive spicy lift is followed by a quite lovely juicy, grapey appley palate, finishing with lively acidity; quite distinctive.
Australian Wine Companion 2001 2001
James Halliday (1993 Vintage) says
Developed yellow colour; there are lime, toast and kerosene characters on the bouquet, the palate a mix of soft, toasty lime marmalade flavours One wonders whether the wine has developed very rapidly over the last year or so.
Australian Wine Companion 2000 1999