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2016 Turkey Flat Rose

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2016 Turkey Flat Rose

Expert Reviews

Nick Stock (2012 Vintage) says
An attractive pale-pink rose with really striking raspberry, cassis and cranberry fruit aromas; very enticing and bright. The palate s easy and fresh, strawberries and other red fruits here. Little bit of sweetness, but all nicely finished.
Good Wine Guide
James Halliday (2012 Vintage) says
Bright puce; made from grenache, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and dolcetto; both the fragrant, perfumed bouquet and lively palate express red fruits to the exclusion of all else: strawberry, raspberry and red cherries; the flavours are remarkably persistent, extending well into the aftertaste. Lovely rose.
James Halliday's Top 100 wines of 2012
Tyson Stelzer (2011 Vintage) says
The Turkey has landed and it’s putting on quite a spectacle! Watermelon, pomegranate and strawberry, with a touch of textural acidity and a well-gauged dose of sweetness. Most 2011s need another six months to calm down. Not this one, so catch this bird right away!
Wine Taste - Edition 19
James Halliday (2011 Vintage) says
The wine has pale fuchsia colour and the usual blend of grenache, shiraz, cabernet sauvignon and dolcetto. The bouquet is fragrant, with the same small red berry fruits that are found on the palate; the finish is fresh and clean, with a hint of citrus on the well-balanced finish. Drink with almost anything over the coming 12+ months. Consistently at the very top of Australian rosés.
to 2012
Halliday's Top 100 Aussie Wines 2011
Nick Stock (2011 Vintage) says
This has a bright orange/red colour in the glass and shows abundant red-fruit aromas - quite perfumed - and some darker berries too. The palate's got decent enough flavour and is a little more restrained and composed than some releases of this wine over recent years. I like the balance here.
The Good Wine Guide
Tyson Stelzer (2010 Vintage) says
Slender, sexy bottle, stunning wine from the instant they halved the sugar a few years back. Love love! Fresh as. More perfume than ground floor at Myer.
James Halliday (2010 Vintage) says
Bright pale puce; a rose built from the ground up, the blend of Grenache/Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon/Dolcetto carefully calibrated from the opening stanzas of the bouquet and fore-palate through to the complex, long finish with its mix of spicy/savoury red fruits.
Australian Wine Companion 2012 2011
James Halliday (2009 Vintage) says
Bright fuchsia; the bouquet has fragrant small red fruits plus a touch of spice; the palate with structure and length way above average, the finish deliciously dry, spice coming again on the aftertaste.
Australian Wine Companion 2011 2010
James Halliday (2008 Vintage) says
Bright fuschia; as elegant as always, made by a team that has developed great expertise with the style; offers an array of gently sweet red fruits on the mid-palate, then a balanced dry finish.
Australian Wine Companion 2010 2009
James Halliday (2007 Vintage) says
Blush-pink; the complex base wine varieties pay dividends; while fresh and light, there are layers of strawberry, raspberry and cherry fruits; fruity rather than sweet.
Australian Wine Companion 2009 2008
Nick Stock (2007 Vintage) says
Nice bright pinkish-red. Some really bright lifted fragrance here, florals, almost muscat-like, fragrance, some briary cassis-like berry aromas too, like the musky flavours, attractive and balanced, sweetness used to fine tune.
Good Australian Wine Guide 2009 2008
Ken Gargett (2007 Vintage) says
It's a long, hot road trip from Melbourne to Darwin, especially in a 78 diesel Landcruiser that redlines at 60 km/h. What a relief when the bloke at Turkey Flat showed us how to work the 'air-con—by kicking open a flap next to the throttle pedal. Pity we didn't make it to the Barossa till the return trip. But this wine is a breath of fresh air too. Quite delicious, and just perfect for a lunch with friends.
Don't Buy Wine Without Me 2008 2007
James Halliday (2006 Vintage) says
A mix of small red fruits and more minerally nuances; carefully calibrated sweetness and lemony acidity. Grenache/ Shiraz/Cabernet Sauvignon/Dolcetto.
Australian Wine Companion 2008 2007
James Halliday (2005 Vintage) says
Light, bright fuchsia; spotlessly clean red fruits; achieves length and persistence without reliance on residual sugar. Grenache/Shiraz/Cabernet/Dolcetto.
Australian Wine Companion 2007 2006
James Halliday (2004 Vintage) says
Vividly coloured and fragrant; fresh red and black cherry, raspberry and strawberry fruit; clean, long finish.
Australian Wine Companion 2006 2005
James Halliday (2003 Vintage) says
As immaculately made and balanced as ever; fruit-driven strawberry and cherry; subliminal sweetness.
Australian Wine Companion 2005 2004
James Halliday (2002 Vintage) says
Vivid fuchsia; a fragrant and vibrant bouquet with cherry citrus fruit and spice aromas is followed by a palate which flows on logically, with sweet fruit on the mid-palate, then a dry finish. A blend of Grenache, Cabernet Sauvignon, Shiraz and Dolcetto.
Australian Wine Companion 2004 2003
James Halliday (2001 Vintage) says
Vivid, light purple-red; the bouquet offers an exotic mix of crushed rose petals and citrus, merging into a mix of cherries, spices and leaves on the vibrant palate.
Australian Wine Companion 2003 2002
James Halliday (1999 Vintage) says
Light, vivid fuchsia; clean and fresh rose petal aromas are followed by a palate with that extra degree of length; very clever manipulation of residual sugar and acidity
Australian Wine Companion 2001 2001
James Halliday (1998 Vintage) says
Bright pink-red; the bouquet is clean, with hints of caramel and strawberry; the palate seems a little sweeter than normal, but has attractive herb, citrus and spice flavours.
Australian Wine Companion 2000 1999
James Halliday (1997 Vintage) says
Vivid fuschia pink; as you would expect, the bouquet is clean and fresh, with a mix of vibrant cherry and more herbal notes. The palate is fresh, with the crisp young fruit neady balanced by a touch of sweetness on the finish.
Australian Wine Companion 1999 1998

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