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Agusti Torello Mata Brut Reserva

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Cava is Spain's answer to Champagne. It's made the same way, but usually from native Spanish varieties. This offering shows appealing smells of custard apples (quite a typical aroma in these wines), lemon citrus and baked biscuit notes on the nose. The palate is quite rich but bright, with lemon and lime flavours mixed in with apples and creaminess, a fine bubble, and a dry, talcy finish. These wines are little treasures, and make a great alternative to the usual NV Champagnes.

Winemaker's Notes

Cava production is ‘methode champenoise’, called ‘metodo tradicional’ in Spain. Typically, only white grapes are used. Chardonnay is making inroads, but the traditional white varieties of the region predominate: Macabeo (macca-bow), picked earliest, growing best near the coast; Xarel.lo (char-rell-low) from the Penedes depression, and Parellada (pa-rey-yada) from the pre- coastal mountain range. Malo is rarely affected, due to the relative warmth of Penedes.

D.O. Cava is a curious wine region, as it is, technically, non-geographic. Mostly, Cava is produced in the wine region of Penedès, an hour south of Barcelona, and just inland from the coast. Although nearly all sparkling Cava is produced here, there are small productions licensed in other areas, and thus Cava is a D.O. which limits itself to concerns about how, not where, Cava is grown and made. That said, you may well go your whole life without tasting a non-Penedès Cava.

Cava comes in 3 main price/style bands. At the entry level, the best are delightfully simple, easy-to-drink apple-fresh + earth bubblers, and startling value. At the other end of the spectrum, there are some creatively expensive ‘Champagne’-styled wines with great depth and richness from long lees ageing, and in-between, a very, very good value spectrum where apple-earth-fresh meets yeasty leesy richness in a unique between-world.

Tasting Notes: Some richness on a generous nose, with custard apple, pineapple, shaley earth, and subtly spiced; golden, super-smooth palate. Developed, delicious, easy-drinking. 48% Macabeo/25% Xarel-lo/27% Parellada.

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