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Ampel Pinot Gris

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Here we have an off-dry style of pinot gris made for Ampel by Jeremy Dineen of Josef Chromy wines. It's a 'slip down easy' style that shows lots of ripe pears, red apples, and earthy savouriness on the nose, with just a suggestion of florals and spice. The palate is quite plush with a medium-bodied feel, with a kiss of sweetness upfront followed by pear-like flavours, friendly acidity, and a smooth, rich finish. Just the thing for light, spicy Asian dishes.

Winemaker's Notes

The 2013 is a roughly 50:50 blend of York Town vineyard, in the far north western Tamar, and Josef Chromy vineyard in Relbia at the very southern end of the Tamar wine region. 

Appearance: Pale straw colour.

Nose: The flavour spectrum is quite elegant as you would expect with aromas of fresh cut pear and pear skin, aromatic sake, musk and other spices.

Palate: The palate is richer than the nose suggests thanks to concentrated ripe fruit and a dollop of residual sugar in the 6 g/l range, which is where the ferment stopped naturally. All the natural phenolic has been left intact along with a little higher than normal dissolved CO2, both these things aid to cut the richness, and the CO2 means using less sulphur. Luscious flavours of pear nectar, musk fruits, sake, white mushrooms and barley beer mash float in the richness and linger on nicely. Intensely varietal. A crowd pleaser.

Alcohol: 12.5%

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