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Anselmi I Capitelli

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And now for something completely different! Here we have a sweet dessert-style wine made from Garganega by cult winemaker Roberto Anselmi. It's packed with rich smells and tastes of honey, yellow stone fruits, earthiness and brulee that is all supported by balanced acidity, a smooth mouthfeel, and a lush, sweet finish. Try it with sticky date pudding.

Winemaker's Notes

A complex sweet wine which goes well with Lobster, excellent with pate de foie gras, cheeses and pastries.

Geographical Location: In the Monteforte and Soave areas on Zoppega Hill and Foscarino Hill - in the vineyards near the shrines.

Vineyard Position: Top slopes of the hills.

Soil Composition: Volcanic tuff in some areas and limestone in others.

Grape Types: 100% Garganega

Shelf Life: 20+ years.

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