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Expert Reviews

Michael Cooper (2004 Vintage) says
This Asti-style bubbly is just what you'd expect - fresh, fruity and flavoursome, with a sweetish, soft finish. Within Allied Domecq's range of bubblies, in terms of sweetness Aquila (which has 50 grams/litre of sugar) sirs between the medium Lindauer Sec and the unabashedly sweet Bernadino Spumante. The wine I tasted in mid to late 2004 was fresh, smooth and light (10. 5 per cent alcohol), with crisp, lemony, appley flavours, sweet and slightly frothy.
Buyer's Guide to New Zealand Wines
Michael Cooper says
As a cheap Asti-style bubbly, this works well. A carbonated blend of Muscat and Muller-Thurgau, Corbans' wine is attractively light and smooth, fresh and sweet, with balanced acidity and delicate fruit characters adding up to a delicious, although uncomplicated mouthful.
Buyer's Guide to New Zealand Wines

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