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Baines Etiqueta Oro Pacharan

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This is like cognac Spanish style! Only it's a plum liqueur weighing in at about 30% alcohol that's used as a digestive. It's a soft, smooth style of spirit that smells and tastes of coffee and licorice, and is ideal over ice with a mixer.

Winemaker's Notes

The name Patxaran comes from the Basque baso aran, meaning wild plum; Pacharan is the Spanish (Castillian) spelling. It is a sloe flavoured liqueur from Navarra, commonly drunk in the Basque region and the rest of Spain.

Licores Baines was founded in 1844 by the Matossi family, Italian-Swiss emigrants to Pamplona. Today, the family business continues to focus on small batch distillation of quality ingredients, a laborious production method which gives the final product remarkable levels of flavour, colour and smoothness.

Navarra's digestif tonic, Pacharan is a maceration of anise and sloe berries, with a hint of coffee and chicory. Mix over ice with a bit of fruit and soft drink.

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Baines Etiqueta Oro Pacharan

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