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Bass Phillip Reserve Pinot Noir

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Bass Phillip Reserve Pinot Noir

Expert Reviews

James Halliday (2010 Vintage) says
The colour is no deeper than that of the Premium, but has more purple mixed in with the crimson, and is sparkling bright and clear. The perfumed bouquet of cherries and wild strawberry is but foreplay for the palate; here there is a wine of astonishing purity and elegant harmony, and I simply couldn't bring my self to spit more than a tiny amount out. Over the years Phillip Jones has toyed with true greatness-here he has achieved it to an awesome degree.
Australian Wine Companion 2014 Edition 2013
Jeremy Oliver (2010 Vintage) says
One of the finest Bass Phillip releases, with a wild, heady and briary bouquet of dark cherries, plums, raspberries and rose petals tightly knit with sweet vanilla/cedar oak, laced with exotic spices and funkiness backed by a hint of duck fat. It explodes with volume and perfume. Exceptionally long and intense, it builds in weight down the palate, revealing a firm, powdery undercarriage supporting its remarkably pure, silky presence of slightly sour-edged fruit, culminating in a focused, savoury finish of delightful freshness.
The Australian Wine Annual 2014 Edition 2014
Jeremy Oliver (2009 Vintage) says
A first-class Bass Philip, with richness and texture. It's fragrant but rather closed and slightly herbal, with a wild and faintly meaty bouquet of deeply layered and concentrated cherry/berry fruit backed by briary nuances and a suggestion of mint and menthol. Unfolding Grand Cru levels of depth and flavour, it's dark and brooding, with unctuous layers of black and red cherries supported by velvet tannins and finishing exceptionally long, with deep, lingering fruit and suggestions of dried herbs.
The Australian Wine Annual 2012
Jeremy Oliver (2007 Vintage) says
A deep, brooding, dark and spicy pinot whose tight-fisted layers of flavour will take time to unfold. It's scented with an ethereal bouquet of cherries, plums and meaty undertones backed by rose petals, cinnamon and cherry kernels, while its palate is long, profoundly concentrated and very savoury, with layers of dark cherries, duck confit and a meaty smallgoods aspect. Underpinned by fine, powdery tannins, it finishes with a hint of dried herb and prune.
Australian Wine Annual 2010 2009
Jeremy Oliver (2005 Vintage) says
Typically hazy and lightly browning, this presently raw-edged and blocky but actually well composed cellar style of pinot is heady, wild and concentrated, with a powerful presence of black cherry, blackberry and plum-like fruit. It's deep and musky, with scents of cloves, cinnamon, undergrowth and duck fat backed by dark chocolate/vanilla oak. Luscious and sumptuous, it finishes with great length and intensity. All it needs is time, and plenty of it!
Australian Wine Annual 2009 2008
James Halliday (2004 Vintage) says
Developed colour; fragrant plums and spices, moving to dark fruits on the palate; selected (presumably) on the basis of structure, which is more evident, though still fine.
Australian Wine Companion 2007 2006
Jeremy Oliver (2004 Vintage) says
An opulently flavoured sumptuously concentrated and lusciously proportioned pinot of exceptional power. Its deep fragrance of red plums and cherries reveals undertones of marzipan and fig, with an assertive background of walnut-like oak. Very smooth and velvet-like, its powerful and substantially oaked palate of pristine fruit is framed by robust, chalky tannins, but remains evenly balanced and focused. It finishes long and savoury, with an appealing suggestion of meatiness.
Australian Wine Annual 2007 2006
Jeremy Oliver (2003 Vintage) says
Another wine that requires inordinate patience, this brooding, muscular and sumptuously flavoured and constructed wine simply demands cellaring. Meaty, earthy and briary, its spicy expression of red cherries and blood plums borders on the opulent. Deeply concentrated, its palate has a thickness and structure rare in Australian pinot, and a sweetness of plum, dark cherry and blackberry fruit that will eventually prevail. It finishes with undertones of dried herbs and menthol.
Australian Wine Annual 2006 2005
Jeremy Oliver (2001 Vintage) says
Even more powerful and assertively oaked than the Premium, the Reserve remains an utterly natural and effortless wine of exceptional depth and tightness. While its concentration, smoky meatiness and fattiness, and its voluptuous expression of exotically spicy, tightly focused and almost essence like fruit are all you'd expect from this label, its fineness and exceptional depth reflect the vineyard's increasing maturity and ability to ripen better and finer tannins. Yes, it's expensive, but pinots so raw yet so polished, so stylish yet so sexy as this is simply don't grow on trees.
Australian Wine Annual 2005 2004
James Halliday (1996 Vintage) says
Dark red-purple; an exceptionally powerful, deep yet tightly folded bouquet, with dark plum and spice leads into a power-laden, potent dark plum, forest and briar-flavoured palate. Borders on the unappealing now, so unready is it, but time will create its own magic.
Australian Wine Companion 1999 1998
James Halliday (1995 Vintage) says
Medium to full red-purple; very concentrated, with similar foresty notes to the Premium, but even more oak showing shortly after bottling. The palate is neither richer nor heavier than the Premium, but has superb structure: silky, fine, long and complex. The cherry and plum fruit builds early, but carries right through to the back palate on a wine of outstanding length. (Bottled March 1997.)
Australian Wine Companion 1998 1997

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