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Bathe Wines Moscato

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Moscato is one of those varieties we are starting to see take off in a big way. It’s gaining fans who don’t want to drink heavier or more alcoholic wines, it’s also a fun wine to drink with its slight effervescence and sweet fruit. Bathe wines are a bunch of winemakers, viticulturalists and designers on a mission to bring the best combinations of regions and varieties to fruition. Not to be taken too seriously, this wine offers honest, upfront drinking with a grapey, sweet taste that is truly gluggable.

Winemaker's Notes

The 2010 Moscato is a blend of Orange Muscat, White Frontenac and a dash of Chardonnay.

As we sweated over the blend for this wine we had in our minds the lighter style Italian Moscatos as benchmarks. So we've held back on the sweetness of the wine and kept the bubbles in check to give it a nice spritz. It's light, fun and delicious.

Bathe Awards & Accolades

"I'm not sure you can take it too seriously, but this is a good, clean, quaffable wine. No shame in being caught with this in the fridge." 2 points (out of 3) - (L.A)
"Now this tickles my tastebuds. Grapes and toffee apples apleanty; and with less than 8% alcohol it's a true 'gluggable'. What fun!" 2 points (out of 3) - (E.N)
"Never thought I'd be sticking up for a low-alcohol drink, but your right, it's fun! Great packaging, great marketing, in fact a great little wine from a great little company." 2 points (out of 3) - (M.T)
- Adelaide Hills Magazine

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