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Brown Brothers Spatlese Lexia

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Brown Brothers Spatlese Lexia

Expert Reviews

Peter Forrestal (2004 Vintage) says
It's probably time to move on to the next vintage of this attractive sweet wine. While not as bright as it was in its youth, this is still pleasantly drinkable for its sweetness and grapey flavours.
Quaff 2007 2006
Max Allen & Peter Forrestal (2004 Vintage) says
This is a better-than-average year for Australia's freshest, liveliest, most reliable spatlese lexia. The nose is quite volumninous with the spicy, rose-petal aromas of traminer. That hooks you. Then it's on to the sweet, smooth, glycerolly texture before a soft, gentle finish.
Quaff 2005 2004
James Halliday (2003 Vintage) says
Tangy lemon blossom; gently sweet fruit and finish; a classic style.
Australian Wine Companion 2005 2004
Max Allen & Peter Forrestal (2003 Vintage) says
The wine snobs look down on this: because it's so popular and sweet, they think, it can't be any good - right? They should do themselves a favour and try a bottle: it's simply the most reliable, freshest, peachiest, easiest-to-drink spatlese lexia out there. Lovely on its own, or with fresh fruit.
Quaff 2004 2003
Max Allen & Peter Forrestal (2001 Vintage) says
In days gone by, we remember this wine being quite a deep golden colour, and filling the mouth with rich, sunshiney flavour. Perhaps it's because we tasted the wine some time before it was due to be released, but the 2001 vintage of this classic, cheap, sweet quaffer was positively crisp and light—very grapey, aromatic and musky, but light, clean and refreshing in the mouth. Not overly sweet, either, which is a good thing.
Quaff 2002 2001
Max Allen & Peter Forrestal (2000 Vintage) says
Here is a leaked section of the precocious autobiography of Max Allen: 'I can't tell you how pleased I was when I found out that I liked this sweet, round fruit bomb of a's the stuff I cut my vinous teeth on'. There are few things that are more reassuring for wine writers than to find that they still admire a wine they loved in their youth. Brown Brothers have remained steadfastly on track with this popular style. Delightfully perfumed, soft, lush, and sweet on the palate with grapey flavours and a soft, gentle, sweet finish.
Quaff 2001 2000

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