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Butler Crest Premium Range Sauvignon Blanc Semillon

Cracka Rating

Cracka Review

Here we have a cheeky sav sem that has seen a touch of oak for an added bit of intrigue. There's plenty of tropical fruits and snow peas on the nose, together with delicate whiffs of lemons and limes. The palate is light, bright and rounded, with zippy acidity, and a crisp refreshing, long finish. Great with some BBQ chicken wings at the next family event!

Winemaker's Notes

Appearance: Pale Straw.

Nose: Grassy and tropical fruit aromas dominant, with a whiff of lime.

Palate: Vibrant minerality that blends smoothly with gooseberry and grassy flavours. Plenty of intensity with a long finish.

Winemakeing: Fruit harvested in the cool of the night then transported quickly to the winery. In the winery it is de-stemmed and crushed then must chilled and pressed off the skins quickly. It is then allowed to settle for 72hrs before being racked in a clarified state to a fermentation tank.

Each variety is kept separately with a range of different yeasts employed on the different varieties. They are then transferred to separate temperature controlled tanks. A small portion is also aged in French oak barriques to add to the palate complexity. The different wines are then evaluated and brought together in proportions that best suit our wine style.

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