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Cambewarra Estate Chambourcin

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Cambewarra Estate Chambourcin

Expert Reviews

James Halliday (2002 Vintage) says
Typical, deep purple-red; a smooth dark berry bouquet with hints of leather and spice flows into a palate with good weight and depth, and well above-average structure. A top example of the variety, clean as a whistle.
Australian Wine Companion 2004 2003
James Halliday (1999 Vintage) says
Typically dense purple; the bouquet has that gamey varietal character of Chambourcin which can deceive you into thinking it is due to bacterial activity. The palate has rich, sweet juicy fruit flavours, again ever-so-typical.
Australian Wine Companion 2001 2001
James Halliday (1998 Vintage) says
Typical glass-staining purple; rich, dark, juicy blackberry and plum aromas with faintly earthy overtones are followed by a juicy berry/minty palate with some tannins on the finish. A very good example of Chambourcin.
Australian Wine Companion 2000 1999
James Halliday (1997 Vintage) says
Vivid purple, almost unreal, though understandable in the context of the variety; a clean and potent bouquet stuffed with juicy blackberry and chocolate fruit aromas. The same flavours repeat on an extraordinary palate; whether this is almost beyond wine and into a caricature is a legitimate question, but it is an extraordinary achievement. Came top in its class at the '97 Rutherglen Wine Show.
Australian Wine Companion 1999 1998

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