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Cascabel Riesling

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Cascabel Riesling

Expert Reviews

James Halliday (2012 Vintage) says
Bright straw-green; a crisp, dry minerally style, the citrus/lemon fruit still lurking in the shadows-the wine will transform itself over the next 3-5 years.
Australian Wine Companion 2014 Edition 2013
James Halliday (2011 Vintage) says
Bright pale straw; has green apple and lemon/citrus aromas that lead into an intense and long palate, with marked lemon zest acidity on the finish. 190 dozen made from a single, dry-grown, mature vineyard. Will flourish in bottle.
Australian Wine Companion 2013 2012
James Halliday (2010 Vintage) says
A flowery, gently spicy lime/citrus blossom bouquet leads into a tightly focused, intense and long palate, all attesting to the excellent vintage.
Australian Wine Companion 2012 2011
James Halliday (2009 Vintage) says
Bright straw-green; lime blossom aromas, then an exceptionally vibrant and intense palate charged with juicy lime fruit; great length is a given after such a palate.
Australian Wine Companion 2011 2010
James Halliday (2008 Vintage) says
Generous wine; strong Regional expression of sweet lime juice, tightened up neatly by mineral-accented acidity on the finish.
Australian Wine Companion 2010 2009
James Halliday (2007 Vintage) says
Some odd aromas, hard to pin down, but a far more conventional palate, finishing with firm acidity. A likely victim of the hot, dry vintage.
Australian Wine Companion 2009 2008
James Halliday (2006 Vintage) says
Lively, tart, spicy lemon/lemon-rind aromas; excellent minerality and length to the pure, bone-dry finish.
Australian Wine Companion 2008 2007
James Halliday (2005 Vintage) says
Light straw-green; fragrant spice, citrus and apple aromas; a crisp and crunchy palate, with excellent acidity and length; very pure.
Australian Wine Companion 2007 2006
Jeremy Oliver (2005 Vintage) says
Slightly sweet-sour, this austere and savoury riesling has a minerally bouquet of stony, limey fruit and a long, steely palate of some viscosity. It's smoky and funky, with tangy citrus fruit culminating in a briney and phenolic finish.
Australian Wine Annual 2007 2006
James Halliday (2004 Vintage) says
Clean, floral spice, apple and mineral aromas; light to medium-bodied; good line and length, persistent finish.
Australian Wine Companion 2006 2005
Jeremy Oliver (2004 Vintage) says
Complex, pungent and smoky aromas of lime juice and minerals reveal meaty and floral undertones that become more apparent with aeration. Long, chalky, even and dry, it's a savoury, reductive and earthy riesling of some charm, whose apple, lime and pear-like fruit is bound by assertive lees-derived qualities. It's tight and well defined, and gradually exposes more of its varietal qualities.
Australian Wine Annual 2006 2005
Ken Gargett (2004 Vintage) says
Like the young Katherine Hepburn in a bottle, this wine. .. .What? You think it's easy, do you, coming up with this many descriptions and making them all different? Oh, I could've gone down the 'lifted aromatics, piercing acidity, lingering aftertaste and attractive mix of floral and citrus notes' road. Bur I went with Katie instead. Got a problem?
Don't Buy Wine Without Me 2006 2006
Jeremy Oliver (2003 Vintage) says
Rather reductive, probably thanks to the mirror-like qualities of its screwtop seal, this perfumed and fragrant riesling has a honeycomb-like aroma of lime juice and lemon rind. Juicy, spicy and forward, its long and otherwise varietally correct palate is fine and chalky, with lingering citrus fruit bound by bracing, steely acids
Australian Wine Annual 2005 2004
James Halliday (2003 Vintage) says
Spotless flowery, lemon blossom aromas; finely boned and structured; classic tightness.
Australian Wine Companion 2005 2004
James Halliday (2002 Vintage) says
An intensely aromatic lime/lime blossom bouquet is followed by a very intense and complex palate offering a marvellous mix of lime, apple and spice. Outstanding.
Australian Wine Companion 2004 2003
James Halliday (2001 Vintage) says
Light to medium yellow-green; the bouquet is solid, not particularly aromatic, but with some varietal lime; the palate follows down a similarly solid, rich track, showing the warm vintage,
Australian Wine Companion 2003 2002
James Halliday (1999 Vintage) says
Bright, light green-yellow; the bouquet has a mix of minerally, chalky and lime juice aromas in classic Eden Valley style. The palate is well made and balanced, with mineral and lime flavours running through a long, intense finish.
Australian Wine Companion 2001 2001
James Halliday (1998 Vintage) says
Light green-yellow; the bouquet has an interesting spectrum of aroma, with sweet spice/nutmeg nuances together with more tropical lime fruit. The palate is clean, fresh, nicely balanced with citrus lime flavours to the fore. Well made.
Australian Wine Companion 2000 1999

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