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Chapel Hill Reserve Chardonnay

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Chapel Hill Reserve Chardonnay

Expert Reviews

Matthew Jukes & Tyson Stelzer (2005 Vintage) says
Wow, what a change of tack for this wine! Goodbye oaky chubster, hello lithe hotty! Chapel Hill must have a catwalk in the winery. Having said, that we’ve never seen one, but winemaker Michael Fragos is a dude, and the proud possessor of a fertile imagination. With black corkscrew Yiassou hair and trendy jeans, by night DJ, by day super slick winemaker who’s changed the face of Chapel Hill in eighteen short months. This slick, unbelievably honed Chardonnay is the best CHRC we have ever seen, and it’s destined to shock New York, Paris, Milan and London with its sleek curves and tight turns – but without a designer price tag.
Taste Food and Wine Guide - 2007 2007

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