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Chevalier Sparkling Brut Blanc de Blancs

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Here's a sparkling white blend out of Burgundy that is know as a 'Cremant de Bourgogne' in that part of the world. It's made via the charmat (or tank) method, and shows fruity smells of citrus and white florals on the nose, with hints of baked bread. The palate is lighter-bodied and on the low side alcohol-wise (11.5%), with delicate lemony flavours, a talcy mouthfeel, fun bubbles, and a fresh finish with a kick of toast in the tail. A decent quaff on a casual Sunday afternoon.

Winemaker's Notes

Chevalier Blanc de Blancs is a delightfully fresh and delicate sparkling wine with a charming touch of fruitiness. It is a Brut sparkling wine, nevertheless very elegant and enjoyable. The wine suggests the characteristics of the fine grape varieties from which it is made, with floral aromas, mineral overtones and a touch of toasted bread. The finish is clean and lasting.

Alcohol: 11.5%

Chevalier Blanc de Blancs starts with a selection of white grapes: Colombard, Ugni Blanc, Chenin and other different grape varieties. The still wines made from these varieties are selected with great care to assure consistency in the finished wine. The cuve´e is carefully assembled by the winemaker and held in a chilled stainless steel pressure- proof vat. Champagne yeast (a strain home grown by the Chevalier maitre de chais) and sugar are added to the vat. The yeast acts upon the sugar to create a secondary fermentation; the carbon dioxide gases which result, are retained in the sealed container as delicate bubbles. 4-5 times a week the cellar master uses a small propeller in the tank to gently swirl the wine: this provides contact with the lees (the natural grape sediment which precipitates during fermentation). Lees contact contributes viscosity and promotes “mouthfeel”, as well as enhancing a “toasted bread” character in the aroma.

At Chevalier, this process continues from 4 to 6 months in order to ensure distinctive and expressive flavours. When the winemaker determines that the maturing process is complete, the fermenting vat is cooled to -4°C to keep the newly created bubbles in solution, and the wine is filtered. A liqueur de dosage is then added to adjust the level of sweetness and the wine is bottled.

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