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DS Maison Tardieu Laurent Les Bec Fins Cotes du Rhone

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Cracka Review

This is as authentic as a Frenchman waving a fist at you out of his Citroen as you circle the Arc de Triomphe looking for the right exit. Yup, no debating the providence of this blend. Les Becs Fins is a complement to those with a fine palate, so if you have immense taste then you’ll want to stock up on this wine. This is classic Cotes du Rhône with a fruit vibrancy of berries (both red and black) complemented by peppery spice. Nicely balanced, the fruit and tannins work in harmony to deliver a wine of flesh and frivolioty.

Winemaker's Notes

The French saying, ‘le bec fin’, translating to ‘the last beak’, is used as an expression to describe one with a refined palate. This Côtes-duRhône, made by one of the Valley’s leading winemakers, displays all the characteristics that are so loved about the region. The nose presents perfumed aromas of ripe blueberries and raspberries while being balanced by a slight peppery edge. The juicy dark fruit flavours and rich body of the Grenache are perfectly complemented by the spiciness and chewy tannins of the Syrah (Shiraz). Regardless of how refined your palate, the finesse and balance of flavour profiles allow this wine to be enjoyed by anyone.

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