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Elmslie Cabernet Sauvignon

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A Tasmanian Cabernet? Crazy. In truth the best Tassie Cabernets though are lovely creatures. Elegant (often). Lean. Not sweet. Refined. Wines that have lovely long tannins and will generally live for ever. Food wines. All those things apply here, with this showing that dusty, slightly herbal (though not quite underripe) and dry with length and lovely Cabernet cedary characters. Much to like here really, though definitely not for someone who prefers soft and silky reds.

Winemaker's Notes

Made from “Elmslie” fruit. Awesome quality. Fruit was crushed then placed into stainless steel tanks, left to soak for 2 days, plunging 3 times a day. Then pumped over and plunged 3 times a day for the next 14 days and fermented. Pressed every 2 hours then put into French Oak barrels. Full MLF, then left on lees. Aromatics and palate checked before egg fining and filtering for bottling

Please note: **Like all our wines 5 years or older, this is sold as is - no refunds or returns accepted**

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