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Elmslie Pinot Gris

Cracka Rating

Cracka Review

Don't tell anyone, but northern Tasmania is a great place to grow Pinot Gris. You can't tell anyone purely because that might push it into the 'cool' category, a terrible dilemma that tends to encourage the price to increase rather quickly... Anyway, this is a leaner, crisper, refreshing style of Pinot Gris, the style showing some richness and generosity but also no shortage of acidity. That balance of acidity vs sweetness, crisp vs generous thus makes for one rather delicious sort of wine. Very tasty.

Winemaker's Notes

Pale, almost clear in colour this delicate crisp wine has good acidity, bursting with aromas of fresh orange blossom & passionfruit. Although quite dry & smooth an after taste of crunchy ‘Granny Smith’ apple & pear is very apparent.

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