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Happs Fuchsia Rose

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This frolicsome little Rose from Happs is a little bit sweet, and a little bit spritzy in style. It's blend of everything! Pinot noir, merlot and shiraz to name a few, and displays red fruits, citrus and slight toffee on the nose. The palate is light, sweet and soft with red berry flavours, and a svelte, gentle finish. It would be great on a warm evening chilled down.

Winemaker's Notes

Appearance: Pale pink / salmon pink maturing to a light onion skin colour with age.

Nose: The wine has a perfumed aroma akin to roses,tropical fruits redskins, lemon sherbet and a hint of caramel. It owes its character to classic red grape varieties grown in a favourable environment..

Palate: A quite delicious balance between berry flavours, soft acidity, some sweetness and the inevitable slight astringency that is to be expected from red grape varieties. The entirely natural effervescence cleanses the palate and lifts the aromas.

Cellaring: Rose styles are usually consumed within the year. Observation over many years confirms that Fuchsia has the capacity to develop in the bottle and retains its pleasant flavours for seven or more years. At two to three years of age it is delicious. However, very little of it survives this long.

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