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Heathcote Winery Curagee Shiraz

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Heathcote Winery Curagee Shiraz

Expert Reviews

James Halliday (2010 Vintage) says
Australian Wine Companion 2014 Edition 2013
Jeremy Oliver (2010 Vintage) says
Slightly clunky but long and generous, this minty regional shiraz reveals a spicy bouquet of blackberries, cassis, dark plums and dark chocolates laced with black pepper, coconut ice and vanilla. Knit with sweet, if slightly angular oak and supported by fine,pliant tannins, it's long, deeply flavoured and creamy, finishing with plenty of drive and a lingering note menthol.
The Australian Wine Annual 2014 Edition 2014
James Halliday (2009 Vintage) says
Slightly deeper purple-crimson than Mail Coach; estate-grown, including 2% viognier; the bouquet is very fragrant, the medium-bodied palate with polished red and black fruit flavours and notes of licorice, the oak positive but integrated.
Australian Wine Companion 2012 2011
James Halliday (2008 Vintage) says
Crimson-purple, slightly better hue than Mail Coach; the fragrant multi-berry bouquet leads into a very lively and attractive medium-bodied palate, with splashes of flavour popping up along its length.
Australian Wine Companion 2011 2010
Campbell Mattinson & Gary Walsh (2008 Vintage) says
The Heathcote region is famous for its shiraz and the Heathcote Winery sure puts out a good selection. Its top cuvee, Curagee, includes just under 3 per cent viognier. Soft as a well-loved pillow. The kind of wine you could serve to friends on a Saturday night and expect to hear 'oohs and aahs'. Dense, plummy, blackberried fruit flavours. Top notes of eucalypt, cedarwood, sandalwood and earth. Fresh and full through the finish, and satisfyingly long. Impressive.
The Big Red Wine Book 2010/11 2010
Jeremy Oliver (2007 Vintage) says
A sumptuously ripened Heathcote shiraz with an unobtrusive and tightly knit splash of viognier. Scented with a deep floral fragrance, white and black pepper, cloves and cinnamon, its dense layers of dark plums and berries, cedar/vanilla and chocolatey oak reveal light meaty, raisined undertones. Long and luscious, its mouthfilling combination of fruit and oak is tightly wound around a firm and very fine-grained backbone, finishing with a deep thread of fruit, mineras and licorice.
Australian Wine Annual 2010 2009
James Halliday (2007 Vintage) says
An attractive and concentrated blackberry, spice and floral bouquet; thickly textured with copious amounts of dark fruit and spice; the ample level of tannin is swallowed with ease by the generous level of fruit; will require time to be folly appreciated
Australian Wine Companion 2010 2009
James Halliday (2006 Vintage) says
While undoubtedly influenced by 3% co-fermentation of viognier, it's no more than medium-bodied, and there's no sign of alcohol or dead fruit, but more spicy and savoury nuances rather than the normal viognier-lifted fruit.
Australian Wine Companion 2009 2008
Campbell Mattinson & Gary Walsh (2006 Vintage) says
This is the Heathcote Winery's shiraz-viognier blend. No doubting what the viognier has done to this nicely weighted shiraz: it has made it soft and slinky and, at the same time, has helped the spice to rise up out of the wine, giving it an exotic edge. It otherwise tastes of tar and blackberry, its alcohol glowing warmly through the finish. It smells great and feels great in your mouth too. But we wondered if the length of flavour was quite enough.
The Big Red Wine Book 2009/10 2009
James Halliday (2005 Vintage) says
Elegant, lively and young, the 3% viognier making a pronounced impact; spicy black fruits, with tangy notes from the viognier; long finish.
Australian Wine Companion 2008 2007
Jeremy Oliver (2005 Vintage) says
Very ripe, with deep, gravelly and mineral aromas of dark plums and berries over suggestions of mint and menthol. Meaty, ripe and briary, its concentrated, dark-fruited palate reveals funky reductive undertones and sweet vanilla/cedar oak, but finishes with length and brightness. Very smooth and polished, despite a handsome level of alcohol.
Australian Wine Annual 2008 2007
James Halliday (2004 Vintage) says
Vibrant, spicy black fruits with a typical lift of even a little (2% in this instance) viognier; very good length and structure.
Australian Wine Companion 2007 2006
Jeremy Oliver (2004 Vintage) says
Closed and brooding, this mineral and savoury shiraz slowly reveals a delicate, floral and spicy perfume of vibrant and brambly blackberry dark plum and blackcurrant fruit backed by fresh cedar/dark chocolate oak. Full to medium weight, its sumptuous, meaty layers of deep dark plum and slightly sour-edged berry fruits are tightly wound around a firm, powdery spine of fine-grained tannins. It finishes with minty nuances of dried herbs.
Australian Wine Annual 2007 2006
Jeremy Oliver (2003 Vintage) says
Robust, concentrated and assertive, this is a more exaggerated modern shiraz. Its wild, heady and spicy aromas of briary blackberries, cinnamon, doves and dark plums overlies nuances of prunes, currants and viognier-derived musky aromatics. Robust and deeply ripened, its thick, meaty and slightly dehydrated palate is framed by muscular tannins, delivering plenty of length, flavour and substance.
Australian Wine Annual 2006 2005
Jeremy Oliver (2002 Vintage) says
A big, rich, ripe and chocolatey Heathcote shiraz that unlike so many others from this region in 2002 is focused around fruit qualities that are genuinely ripe and not over-cooked. There's some spicy, meaty complexity behind its floral, earthy aromas, while its powerfully constructed but still eminently approachable palate is thickly coated with deep blackfruit flavours. There are smooth, rounded edges to its firm extract.
Australian Wine Annual 2005 2004
James Halliday (2002 Vintage) says
Densely coloured; a rich explosion of blackberry, licorice, spice and dark chocolate, with that touch of viognier lift; considerable extract and length, good balance.
Australian Wine Companion 2005 2004
James Halliday (2001 Vintage) says
Bright red-purple; smooth and clean blackberry aromas are accompanied by hints of spice and subtle oak; the medium-bodied and smooth palate has a most attractive replay of the fruit of the bouquet, with plum adding an extra dimension. A blend of 96 per cent Shiraz and 4 per cent Viognier. Radically different from the '99.
Australian Wine Companion 2004 2003

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