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Holm Oak Tim Duffy Moscato

Cracka Rating

Cracka Review

Will Moscato ever be in the same league as Sauvignon Blanc? Probably not, but Moscato does appeal to a cross section of drinkers who are looking for light bodied refreshment, not to mention low alcohol so it makes a good brunch beverage.

It’s gorgeously perfumed with musk and floral aromas as well as honey and spice. It’s lively and offers great refreshment with a good balance of sweetness and acids. Perfect on it’s own or with sweet desserts.

Winemaker's Notes

This is a refreshing and stylish Moscato. The nose shows the classic floral and musk stick aromas that this variety is known for, but also has added spice and honey flavours as a result of the extra skin contact. The palate is lively and refreshing with intense musk characters, well balanced sweetness and acid and a clean finish as a result of light carbonation.

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