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Jamiesons Run Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

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Jamiesons Run Cabernet Shiraz Merlot

Expert Reviews

James Halliday (2011 Vintage) says
Australian Wine Companion 2014 Edition 2013
Campbell Mattinson & Gary Walsh (2008 Vintage) says
The past couple of releases have been excellent and this one's on song too. It's not really a cellaring style, but as fresh, young-drinking wine the Jamiesons reds are back in business. Good, fleshy, sweet-fruited wine. Perfectly well made and perfectly good drinking. Very easy to be a fan of this. It's curranty, dusty and jubey, fresh, fruity, smooth and delicious. This was made by Andrew Hales, one of the great unsung winemakers of Australia. He's a star - and so too is this wine.
The Big Red Wine Book 2010/11 2010
Campbell Mattinson & Gary Walsh (2005 Vintage) says
The 2004 vintage of this wine was good too; this is tapping a rich vein of form (ex-sportswriter Mattinson has always wanted to use that phrase). In fantastic shape. Structured, sweet, balanced and ripe, but not overly ripe and not overly sweet. Dusty and lengthy with a spot of chocolatey oak. This is a remarkably good, even-tempered, balanced red wine. We like it a lot. It just goes to show that you don't have to have massive flavour to be a quality red wine.
The Big Red Wine Book 2009/10 2009
Campbell Mattinson (2004 Vintage) says
It's not hard to find the Jamieson's Run reds selling for S15 or cheaper. For this wine in particular, that's pretty keen value. 2004 RELEASE It's much like the straight cabernet except lengthier and better; but then, even in France cabernet is usually better as a blend than on its own. This tastes of cocoa, milk chocolate and blackcurrant, its toasty, minty finish in fine form. It's made to be drunk now, but you could tuck this in a cool, dark place for a couple of years and it would go alright. If Jamieson's Run is a favourite label of yours, this is the red in the range to hit on. DRINK 2008-2012.
The Big Red Wine Book 2008
Peter Forrestal (2003 Vintage) says
A bright, lively red blend from Coonawarra that has high natural acidity.
Quaff 2007 2006
James Halliday (2002 Vintage) says
Light to medium-bodied; appealing mix of sundry savoury fruit characters; long finish, though slightly tweaky.
Australian Wine Companion 2006 2005
Jeremy Oliver (2002 Vintage) says
Lacking real depth of fruit, this confectionary and rather weedy red blend has a green-edged bell pepper aroma of light red berry fruit and a forward, simple and herbal palate of some generosity but modest complexity. It finishes surprisingly firm, with drying tannins.
Australian Wine Annual 2006 2005
Max Allen & Peter Forrestal (2002 Vintage) says
Slight herbal flavours with some floral notes, smooth texture and pleasing grip on the finish.
Quaff 2005 2004
Max Allen & Peter Forrestal (2000 Vintage) says
We're slightly surprised to see this vintage still available, and we wouldn't want to hold on to it for too much longer: the cooler-climate cabernet characters are becoming a little vegetal and weedy.
Quaff 2004 2003
Max Allen & Peter Forrestal (1999 Vintage) says
Given the reputations of the respective vintages (1998 was outstanding, 1999 perhaps not quite as good), you'd expect this wine to be lighter than the '98 Jamiesons Run. Not a bit of it: we reviewed the '98 last year as 'smooth, pleasant and sottish', whereas we reckon the '99 is positively dense, tannic, spicy and firm. In fact, we reckon this is a much better wine, with some seriously concentrated blackberry fruit and dark oak. It needs food, though.
Quaff 2002 2001

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