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Krug Rose

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Krug has a mighty reputation that is just as big as the price, and this Rose champagne is just the thing for impressing that special someone. It's a bit more elegant than the usual rich style from Krug, which makes it extra appealing. Strawberries, dried roses, citrus and toastiness decorate the nose, whilst the palate is dry and elegant, with bright red fruit and citrus flavours, and ultra-fine bubble, a touch of creaminess, and an almost floral finish.

Winemaker's Notes

Krug Rosé is the only prestige cuvee rosé to be blended from a rich palette of wines from three different grape varieties, and from such a wide range of vintages. These are blended with a wonderfully expressive skin-fermented Pinot Noir wine to deliver its unparalleled and characteristic colour and spice. A resting time of at least five years in Krug’s cellars gives Krug Rosé its subtle bubbles and long-lasting elegance. Krug Rosé is everywhere we don’t expect it to be, in terms of texture, colour and taste. A completely reinvented Rosé Universe. Krug Rosé is a remarkable Champagne which encapsulates the same creative spirit of Krug Grande Cuvée, again surpassing the very notion of vintage.

Krug Rose is unexpected, both sensual and daring. It shows a broad and extensive aromatic palette, unusual for a Rose Champagne. As you taste Krug Rose, you will discover harmonies of puff pastry and red-berry tart, which develop towards honey and citrus fruits. Its floral accents and notes of dried or stewed fruit will enthral your palate. Its extreme delicacy is enhanced by the subtlety of its fine and elegant bubbles. Krug Rose is everywhere we don't expect it to be. Surprising and extraordinary, Krug Rose is a controversy that is positively…delicious.

Krug Rose was born of the House of Krug's desire to offer Krug Lovers what a Rose Champagne which encapsulates the same creative spirit that goes into Krug Grande Cuvee, again surpassing the very notion of vintage.

It is an extremely delicate but daring Champagne, persistent and on the nose, with many aromatic families and a beautiful freshness with concentrated aromas of flowers.

Krug Rosé should be enjoyed alone or with foie gras, lamb, game, white meat, venison or anchovies, as well as very savoury and spicy dishes.

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Krug Rose

Expert Reviews

Tyson Stelzer says
You don’t pop the question every night of your life, and at a cool $679, you don’t pop Krug Rosé every night, either. Exceedingly ethereal, ultra-restrained with the most sublime nuances that rise and linger amid dancing minerality and a pinpoint bead. It defies simple descriptors. Just say, “Yes!”
Wine Taste Edition 18: June 10, 2010
Nick Stock says
A special wine in every regard, the Krug Rose is a rarity in Champagne. Offering perfectly struck pale-salmon colour, it has elemental, bright citrus and light-red fruit notes, very composed, gentle chalky and fragrant. The palate is very precise and pure, with fresh, nutty dark citrus and toasty flavours; it has terrific, vinous appeal and will age nicely on cork. There s less reserve wine than the Grande Cuvee, hence the freshness and more unevolved style.
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