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Lafazanis Moschofilero

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This wine is a bit like muscat, especially in the aromas. It's very pretty and fragrant, with floral and muskstick smells, along with ripe peach, citrus and soft spice. The palate is lightish and quite crisp, with subtle stone fruit tastes, flinty acidity, and a smooth, easy-going finish. Drink before dinner, or afterwards with your cheese plate.

Winemaker's Notes

Alcohol: 12%. Wine Type: Dry white. Wine Category: PGI Peloponnese. Grape Variety: Moschofirelo 100%. Region: Mantinia. Vinification: 7 hours at 7°C cold skin contact process for Moschofilero. Fermentation at 15°C. Barrel use: No barrel use.

Characteristics: Bright white-yellow colour. Aromas of rose and citrus. Fresh mouth feel with good acidity and balanced taste.

Serving Suggestions: At 10-12?C. Moschofilero fits perfectly with dishes that have strong aromas, light taste and high acidity. From cheese prefers goat cheese and is excellent with sausage.

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