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Laurance 'Aussie Jeans Rock' White

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Laurance 'Aussie Jeans Rock' White

Expert Reviews

WINESTATE (2007 Vintage) says
Delightful yeasty creaminess on the nose and a complex palate with more of the same.
Winestate 20082009
Peter Forrestal (2005 Vintage) says
By the time Quaff hits the market, Dianne Laurance's new mega-cellardoor on Caves Road will have opened. I've been watching it grow for months now - as have the Margaret River locals. Expectations are high. This wine is released under the Laurance's second label - aimed at the hip market with its denim label and funky, trendy, out-there name. I admit to being a bit surprised that it is actually very good: intense, grassy, green bean flavours, lively and persistent with cool greenish tinges.
Quaff 2007 2006

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