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McWilliam's Riverina Botrytis Semillon

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McWilliam's Riverina Botrytis Semillon

Expert Reviews

Jeremy Oliver (2007 Vintage) says
Raw and edgy, this oaky young dessert wine has a modest presence of lemony, melon and honeycomb-like fruit backed by spicy notes of cloves and nutmeg, with plenty of caramel and vanilla oak in support. It's initially intense but then quite hollow, becoming quite metallic and raw down the palate before a thin, rather acidic and angular finish that lacks its usual length and conviction.
Australian Wine Annual 2010 2009
Matt Skinner (2007 Vintage) says
The McWilliams team is well drilled in Semillon and all its guises Ð from steely citrus charged Hunter monsters that are built to live forever to the unctuous, sweet and explosive kind from New South Wales' Riverina District. Expect an intense and explosive nose of ripe citrus marmalade, dried apricot, mango, toast and honeycomb, while the palate is hugely concentrated, cloying and rich with low level acidity keeping things running in a straight line. Drink it with lemon meringue pie.
Matt Skinner's Wine Guide 2011
Jeremy Oliver (2006 Vintage) says
Smooth, luscious and slightly syrupy, this mouthfilling late-harvest semillon reveals intense cumquat, melon, apricot and caramel flavours backed by fresh vanilla oak, a spicy clove-like presence and suggestions of pastry. It's maturing quite quickly and finishes quite sweet, with persistent flavours of citrus, stonefruit plus the very faintest lingering hint of raw smoke.
Australian Wine Annual 2009 2008
Jeremy Oliver (2005 Vintage) says
Simple, cooked and candied, with a bouquet of marmalade and creme caramel over vanilla oak and light mineral notes. Its initially luscious pineapple/cumquat fruit thins out, lacking much length of flavour finishing moderately sweet but lean and hollow.
Australian Wine Annual 2008 2007
Peter Forrestal (2004 Vintage) says
This is a fine, delicate sticky from the Riverina with persistent apricot and honey flavours, silky smooth texture and balanced natural acidity.
Quaff 2007 2006
Jeremy Oliver (2004 Vintage) says
A classically elegant, stylish and shapely dessert wine whose restrained melon, lime and grapefruit flavours are augmented by delightfully complex pastry-like, nutty, beeswaxy and honeyed complexity. It's fragrant and floral, with tightly interwoven oak-derived creamy vanilla properties. Fine and elegant, it finishes clean and savoury, with refreshing acids. Very sophisticated and clearly influenced by Sauternes.
Australian Wine Annual 2007 2006
Jeremy Oliver (2003 Vintage) says
An intense, honeyed bouquet of nectarine, mandarin and pineapple is backed by buttery, sweet vanilla oak and understones of cinnamon. Its round and luscious palate of mandarin and tinned pineapple is juicy and sweet, but remains balanced by clean, refreshing acids. Good but not great, uncomplicated and slightly cooked.
Australian Wine Annual 2006 2005
Ken Gargett (2002 Vintage) says
Given that this wine comes in a rather petite 375 mL bottle I think it would definitely have a shot at the prize for the most gold medal stickers per square centimetre of glass. (Although you'll have to trust me on that, since McWilliam's modestly sent us the un-bestickered photo.) And no wonder it wins so many awardsÑyet again it is a wonderful botrytis semillon from the Riverina, with all the right flavours in the right spots.
Don't Buy Wine Without Me 2005 2005
Jeremy Oliver (2001 Vintage) says
Rather more punchy and feisty than its predecessors, this is however a very worthwhile dessert wine that takes some time to reveal its smoothness and integration. Citrusy, honeysuckle and pastry aromas with nuances of melon and butter precede a punchy, concentrated palate of lusciousness and measured sweetness. It finishes nutty and savoury, with length and freshness.
Australian Wine Annual 2005 2004
Ken Gargett (2000 Vintage) says
This may be the wine that is pushing hardest against the De Bortoli Noble One for the title of best sticky in the country. Certainly the wine show judges like this wine, as every vintage seems to have at least half a dozen gold medals on its chest. This is a more alcoholic wine than the Noble One, suggesting the grapes were a little riper when they were picked. The palate is unctuous, very intensely marmalade-like, but still fresh on the finish. Wonderful sweet wine.
Don't Buy Wine Without Me 2004 2004

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