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Mornington Estate Chardonnay

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Mornington Chardonnay just gets more and more impressive and this second label from Dromana had us seduced at the first sip. It’s made in a very French style but it’s very much an Australian at heart. Certainly you’ll get the whiff of French oak on the nose while citrus and spice play secondary roles. The palate is completely varietal with melon, peach and subtle apricot before a long, complex finish that makes it a good match for a classic fish pie.

Winemaker's Notes

Colour: Pale straw with green tinges

Nose: Citrus, honeysuckle, spices, vanilla, subtle French oak

Palate: Fine beginning with citrus and spice building to apricot and melon with a clean acid finish.

Serving Suggestion: Roast chicken with lemon thyme or baked snapper.

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