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Mystery Winery Victorian Shiraz

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Cracka Review

This mystery wine is pretty special. Sourced from a highly celebrated (highly) western Victorian producer with a particular reputation for Victorian Shiraz. Said wine is now drinking very well indeed, which only mirrors the fact that this scored 91 points from James Halliday who thought it was best drunk in 2015. Superstar maker, good vintage and more - all of it equals pretty serious vino...

Winemaker's Notes

Our Mystery Wineries are found right around the country, some of which you will know very well.

Many of our Mystery wines are already well known to wine buyers and sell for much higher prices under their own label. But winemakers need to eat, and when it comes time to find space for a new vintage, they naturally want to sell whatever they can quickly. Which is where we come in.

What we do is agree to take a few cases of said wine in exchange for a better price (so we can sell it cheaper). The condition being that the wine can't be sold cheaper under it's original label, so they come up with a new label just for us. The end result then is the same wine, but sold cheaper at Cracka. Perhaps the only condition is that the seller usually makes us promise to keep certain details secret (like the name of the winery).

Hence the mystery wine is born!

The ethos with these wines is simple:
- The original wine must always be a bottled and labeled product (we'll never sell cleanskins).
- Our Mystery Winery wines are all covered by our full Cracka money back guarantee, purely because we know the vino in the bottle is good quality.
- We'll never sell below par, 'out of condition' wines. Ever.
- The intention is for bargains. Same wine, different label, cheaper result.

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