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NV Lindauer Fraise

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Cracka Review

Okay, it’s not sexist for us to say this but this is an undeniably female wine that would get the party started at your next ladies night. Some of the Pinot grapes were given time on skins to lend a bronze colour but then a natural strawberry essence was added to infuse the wine with the smells and tastes of summer. It has nicely confected aromas of strawberry as well as some yeast. It genuinely tastes of strawberries so expect it to be soft and sweet with a pronounced berry profile. It’s balanced with fruit and acids but ends with a significant berry sweetness.

Winemaker's Notes

Lindauer Fraise is pinky/gold salmon coloured with a subtle strawberry aroma, intermingled with an underlying yeasty, toasty bouquet. A careful blending of the base wines has resulted in a full palate with an elegant finesse. The wine has a hint of sweetness which complements the subtle, lingering taste of strawberries.

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