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Pighin Sauvignon Blanc

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Hailing from Italy, this is a light, grassy style of savvy that also shows yellow citrus and honeydew melon in the mix. The palate is bright, light and refreshing, with a flinty mineral mouthfeel, zesty acidity, and a lingering lemony finish that would see this match well with quiche.

Winemaker's Notes

Appearance: Bright straw yellow with light golden green reflects.

Nose: Of great intensity and persistence, deep and penetrating, with a scent of tomato leaves, typical of this wine, with perfumes of wild green pepper and elder tree.

Palate: Intense, elegant, fresh with strong character and body and excellent aromatic persistence.

Food: We suggest accompanying it with vegetable soups, especially cream soups, soufflés, fish flans.

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