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Preece Lighter in Alchohol Sparkling

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Cracka Review

Who said diets were miserable? Well okay we conceed all that calorie watching can be tiresome but what if you could drink a glass of sparkling wine while on a diet? Well, now you can. The Preece range has 26% less calories and is 30% lighter in alcohol than the standard Preece sparkling so you can celebrate with your friends and watch your calorie consumption. This has clean citrus aromas with a little spice and cut hay, the palate shows melon and citrus complemented by a fine bead. As well as melon fruit from the Chardonnay, Marsanne adds texture and spice while Riesling imparts zesty acid and floral notes.

Winemaker's Notes

Colour: Pale gold in colour.

Aroma: Citrus fruits with spice and subtle nuttiness. Background fl orals and cut hay notes.

Palate: Refreshing palate of citrus and melon with a twist of spice, complemented by a fine and creamy persistent bead.

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