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Richmond Grove Barossa Riesling

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Richmond Grove Barossa Riesling

Expert Reviews

James Halliday (2003 Vintage) says
Australian Wine Companion 2005 2004
Max Allen & Peter Forrestal (2000 Vintage) says
The Richmond Grove rieslings are possibly the best example of how undervalued this grape variety is in Australia today. They are made by John Vickery, the undisputed king of riesling, a winemaker with decades of experience who was responsible for the classic wines put out under the Leo Buring label in the 1970s. The wines he makes are some of the purest, most exciting expressions of the grape in the country; they are bottled with Stelvin screw-top seals rather than cork to ensure a slow development in bottle (says the label) for 30 years. And yet they're available for under $15—often closer to $13, sometimes less. We're not complaining—we're just pointing out how lucky you are. As usual, we can't decide which wine we like more—the up-front, juicy fullness of the Barossa wine, or the more fragrant, lime-zestiness of the Watervale. Sensational wines, sensational value.
Quaff 2001 2000
James Halliday (1999 Vintage) says
Medium yellow-green; the moderately intense bouquet is clean, with gentle, citrus-tinged fruit. The perfectly balanced and modulated palate really comes alive, adding authority to the bouquet.
Australian Wine Companion 2001 2001
James Halliday (1996 Vintage) says
Medium yellow-green; spotlessly clean, with the first signs of honey developing, but with good concentration. A seductive palate with ripe lime, citrus and honey fruit flavours, and excellent mouthfeel. Showing none of the flatness expected from Riesling in transition.
Australian Wine Companion 1999 1998

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