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Rippon Mature Vine Riesling

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As the name suggests, this is sourced from Rippon's oldest Riesling vines, the wine a classic sort of wine for the vineyard built in a style that is probably more Alsace than NZ. What makes it special is the dancing balance between fruit sweetness and firm acidity. It's an off dry style, though not too sweet, it is pretty perfect juice.

Winemaker's Notes

The grapes were picked by hand in small ten kilo cases allowing the fruit to arrive 
at the winery’s sorting table intact. It was then whole bunch pressed over 4 
hours and run into a settling tank. Twelve hours of settling passed 
after which the juice was racked, retaining fine lees, into a horizontal 
fermentation tank.  Total time on primary lees was nine weeks. 
The winery’s resident yeast population (non-inoculated) 
started fermenting the juice on day seven of cuvaison and finished around day 30. 
Cellar: Up to 8 years+

Alcohol: 12.2% 

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