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Scorpo Shiraz

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Scorpo Shiraz

Expert Reviews

James Halliday (2008 Vintage) says
Australian Wine Companion 2013 2012
James Halliday (2007 Vintage) says
Bright colour, purple hue; cranberry, bramble and a touch of spice; slightly tart acid profile, but it serves to accentuate the cool nature of the wine; long, polished and poised, this is one to polarise opinion.
Australian Wine Companion 2010 2009
Tyson Stelzer (2007 Vintage) says
James Halliday (2006 Vintage) says
Like a perfect, sunlit spring day, this wine is all about freshness and life, its sparkling red fruits with enough tannins and oak to provide the basic structure, but not impinging on the fruit.
Australian Wine Companion 2009 2008
Nick Stock (2006 Vintage) says
A wine to buy and keep, this shows the restrained dark earthy fruits of past vintages, some gravelly aromas, fine pepper and spice. The palate is tightly wound, showing musky/berry flavour, locked away by guarding tannins and savoury winemaking influence. Full of promise.
Good Australian Wine Guide 2009 2008
James Halliday (2005 Vintage) says
A light-bodied, vibrant wine with spicy black fruits, fine tannins and subtle oak.
Australian Wine Companion 2009 2008
James Halliday (2004 Vintage) says
A medium-bodied, fresh, bright and lively assemblage of red fruits, spice and pepper; well-controlled oak and extract.
Australian Wine Companion 2007 2006
Ken Gargett (2004 Vintage) says
There was such phenomenal hype surrounding the 2001 vintage of this wine (what, you don't remember the great 'Is it bretty or not' debate? Let me assure you it was huge in a very small wine circle) that it comes as no surprise subsequent vintages seemed to get overlooked somewhat. Well this wine is back in town. A lovely bright, spicy, cool-climate shiraz from the Mornington. We love the Scorpos.
Don't Buy Wine Without Me 2007 2007
James Halliday (2003 Vintage) says
Light to medium-bodied; strongly spicy savoury notes; possibly reduced in flavour from leaky cork.
Australian Wine Companion 2006 2005
James Halliday (2001 Vintage) says
Vivid, deep purple-red; very complex and intense spicy blackberry and pepper aromas are replayed on the powerfully compact palate, which has good structure and balance, despite all the muscle.
Australian Wine Companion 2004 2003
Ken Gargett (2001 Vintage) says
Every wine writer in the country has an opinion on this wine, ranging through every shade of criticismÑ from one of the greatest shirazes ever tasted through to stinky, poopy and not very nice at all. I work every day of my life in the presence of a Scorpo so guess what I reckon: it's tops. But moral cowardice aside, I like this wine because it's out of the mainstream, with spicy, savoury flavours like very few others in this countryÑand it proves shiraz can grow on the Mornington Peninsula.
Don't Buy Wine Without Me 2004 2004

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