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Stanton & Killeen Rutherglen White Port

Cracka Value Rating
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Cracka Review

This is a fun, lighter-bodied, fortified wine in a sweet sherry-style. Made from a blend of muscadelle and chardonnay, it's quite floral, and almost marmalade-like on the nose, and the palate shows honey and citrus along with a slightly nutty edge. It's best served chilled, and will be good before and after dinner.

Winemaker's Notes

A light, versatile style of wine that can be enjoyed before or after dinner. The bouquet is lovely with notes of lavender, marmalade, apricot and blossoms. The palate is well balanced with floral tones of bottlebrush and honeysuckle along with citrus and walnuts. Wonderful in summer, served chilled.

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