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Stoneleigh Pinot Noir

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Stoneleigh Pinot Noir

Expert Reviews

Nick Stock (2008 Vintage) says
Plenty of dark-spiced plum and cherry fruit here; has direct appeal and an air of experienced winemaking presiding over things. Decent reach and drive, the tannins stretch and contract, giving the wine an engaging shape. Cherry and plum flavour and sweet spices waft across the finish - nice overall balance and youthful appeal.
The Penguin Good Australian Wine Guide 2010 2009
Nick Stock (2007 Vintage) says
Open cherry fruits, this is an access-all-areas style, full of appealing varietal character, straight-shooting and nicely dressed in gentle oak spice. Moves in a line across the palate with dark cherry flavour and fine tannin build. Direct and appealing.
Good Australian Wine Guide 2009 2008
Campbell Mattinson & Gary Walsh (2007 Vintage) says
Roast duck is the match that everyone rolls out for pinot noir, but for this wine a serve of spring lamb would be perfect - this is not a wimpy pinot by any stretch. Its quality is assured, despite its robustness. It tastes of dark, cedar-coated cherries and mulch, its flavours building impressively as they move across your tongue. It's tangy and acidic but not overly so and, while the aftertaste is all about toasty, almost coffeed oak, it hasn't been overdone.
The Big Red Wine Book 2009/10 2009
Nick Stock (2006 Vintage) says
A well-made, sweetly spiced wine from the Montana stable has savoury oak pushing through forest berries, obvious and likeable. Plenty of flavour here too, vibrant red fruits and musky sweetness, tannins charm away below.
Good Australian Wine Guide 2009 2008

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