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Stoney Broke Museum Release Chardonnay

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Once upon a time (well, 20 years ago), all Australian Chardonnay were built 'rich and buttery'. Aussie Chardies were buxom, round and absolutely bursting with generosity.

But all that stopped. Suddenly, Chardonnays became grapefruity, lean and crisp. Some even started tasting like Sauvignon Blanc...

Thankfully, wines like this survived! Deliberately released as an aged wine, this single vineyard Hunter Chardonnay has all the richness and fullness that modern Chardonnay lacks, yet still with wonderful acidity. It's just a classic example of what happens when you age great wine - turning it into something even greater!

Winemaker's Notes

This fine wine was made from premium fruit grown at the Stoney Broke Vineyard found beside the Wollombi Brook near the village of Broke.

A crisp elegant chardonnay with lifted aromas of melon and white peach, balanced with a long clean finish.

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